“I’m sure you don’t remember me. However, we crossed paths when I called on a

4 plex you were selling.  We spoke for months regarding investing & evaluating properties & what I needed to do to be successful.  Fast forward to 2017.  I never forgot you & am so thankful that I receive your time & coaching years ago. I was a single mom with so many hurdles. Because of your encouragement & mentorship over the months we spoke, I never gave up hope. As of Dec 2016 I purchased my first four plex! I did it! I’m sure this email comes as a surprise to you & I hope it makes your day…..”       Laura N…

Learn to play real life Monopoly starting from scratch and create lifetime PASSIVE INCOME.

Named among the top 25 commercial real estate brokers in the US (by CBRE, the worlds largest commercial real estate service firm), Scott distills 40 years brokering & dealing in every form of income property, building a commercial property management company operating in 5 cities, studying his most successful clients and investing personally into a simple plan to make money on  the side or create lifetime passive income.

The Cash Cow Investing Plan

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 The World Of investment Real estate In ONe Place  Made Simple



F. Scott Tonges


This Report is for Real Estate Investors from Beginner to Advanced.

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